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  A considerable number of businesses are looking for some effective ways to make the most their CPC campaign and generate more revenues with their campaigns. With our CPC marketing, you can get your website placed in search pages of highly trafficked web pages and make them easily findable for the potential buyers. You can also make the most of CPC to build brand awareness and generate more leads at a very viable ROI. We do it in two ways:

Creation of CPC Campaign:

Setting of a campaign, ad copy creation, keyword research and bidding strategy are some parts of our campaign creation.

• Campaign Creation: This includes setting up the campaigns, the creation of ad copy, keyword research, and a bidding strategy. This is another “road map” type service. If you wanted to you could take the map and implement it yourself.

• Campaign Monitoring: Following the creation of the campaign, this phase is the execution and fine tuning of the campaign to bring maximum ROI

Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) is one of the most successful ways of bringing substantial numbers of visitors at an affordable cost to your website. It is usually hosted by online advertising schemes such as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing. Pay-per-click advertising requires experience to deliver the right level of ROI. Your knowledge and effective use of these skills will determine your level of success (or failure) in your web marketing.

The main search engines these days have their own unique results. With their “natural” listings, they examine the pages of your site with an automated process called “spidering”. This is the method of reading the relevant text in your website that make your site more or less relevant to a range of search terms, positioning you accordingly in the results of searches for those phrases.

Pay Per Click bidding enables you to gain rank on a range of selected keywords and key phrases. This is called the auction system. In this system, you make a bid, stating what you will pay for a particular person’s keyword/phrase search visit. The highest bidder automatically becomes number one in the “sponsored listings” for that phrase. You now pay the site the site the sum that you agreed in your bid, if someone clicks on the link and visits your site. You will drop a position if someone bids more than you for any keyword, and can be back at the top if you increase your bid amount.

Why do people use PPC? You can use PPC if your site has an unfriendly design structure. Secondly getting well ranked in the natural listings can take many months, PPC can bridge the gap by bringing visitors to your site within days.

How to set up a PPC Campaign:

Pick your target keywords carefully. These are the phrases the search engines will use to locate your site. They are organised into groups and sub-groups of similar phrases which form the basis of the individual ads that make up your campaigns. There are lots of tools used for building these lists as well as reviewing them.

You need an effective program to be able to measure the traffic throughout your website.

The report that we provide to you will not only show how many visitors you get, but also where they come from, what they searched for and which pages they actually viewed. It takes a look at the specific actions on the site and tracks the visitors who bought or inquired right back to their origin.

According to research, the way a PPC ad is written determines its success in drawing relevant visitors. Every ad needs to incorporate the searched for keyword, what is on offer to limit paid visits to interested parties, and it needs to be attractive and compelling enough to the visitors. All this must be done with just 95 characters, including enough space. To have the greatest success in PPC, one must methodically work on the ads to improve the click-through rate and the conversion rate.

Where do your ads take your visitors to? To the page relevant to their search or to your homepage?

Basically Google Adwords and Yahoo! are the two most important. There are other 3rd party sites, such AOL, MSN and the BBC that you can promote your search marketing. You can also use the smaller engines such as Mirago, Miva, WebFinder in the UK and many others. We would usually start with Google, then Yahoo! and add others if appropriate.

We usually charge a one time fee for keyword research, setting up, writing and refining the ads. Then comes a monthly management fee for testing and measuring the results and refining the ads.
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